Superstition, easy way out of being responsible

Hi folks, surprised at the title of this post?
I admit it that this is an unusual blog post on unusual topic; but I felt that this has to be explained & shared.

What is superstition?

Superstition is a belief in supernatural causality: that one event leads to the cause of another without any physical process linking the two events, such as astrology, omens, witchcraft, etc., that contradicts natural science.[1]

Well, that was straight up dump from the Wikipedia.

You may already know what is superstition, so rather spending time on explaining you; I will come to the point.

Since I was a little child, I have kept hearing about an illogical explanation to a situation that turned out not so favourable. Its called superstition.

Why people blame superstition?

Erectile Dysfunction caused due to Peripheral vascular disease generally causes due to arteries that supply blood to your legs. cheap generic viagra Leaving all that conception, the science has made a new kind of medicine that is called cialis canada generic generic medicine. Mainly, it is believed that aging, chronic canada viagra generic medicine, alcoholism, smoking, unhealthy diet, masturbation, health ailments, stress, depression, relationship problems cause this sensual inability. To protect your hair from excess falling, you order cheap cialis can take some small measures to reduce our level of exposure. Because it is easy to blame superstition and most of the time people don’t ask question; they don’t want to find out the exact root cause of the bad day OR bad event. It is almost like people have trained their brain to STOP finding reasons when superstition comes into picture. The classic example is some people blame a particular day of the week, that everything will go wrong on that day. Look, they have just lost their complete logical rationale sense right there and stopped being responsible.

Try this next time, when someone blame superstition; interrogate the situation and find out the exact cause.

I also want to point out another illogical science of astrology. It is so random without any firm base/reasoning behind it. I respect others belief and I just “respect” it to not offend their feelings attached to the belief. It is unbelievable that people have put their so much faith into something unreasonable, that they almost don’t care about all the other things. Horoscope is the best example, scientifically it is clearly impossible to tell what is going to happen tomorrow; whereas horoscope tells the tale of the whole future life of little kid (surprised).

If a child did not have horoscope, it had full potential to live and thrive in any positive direction. People put horoscope in the centre and child’s development according to horoscope – believe me this happens directly or indirectly in child’s development. I had seen a grown up person who never had her horoscope done as child, and as an adult her life turned out nothing alike horoscope said.

Another thing about astrology, based on star alignment; it terms the particular day or part of the year as auspicious or inauspicious. Hello, Can some one fill in the big gap of “logical reason” right there. What do they terms as inauspicious? I have always questioned people on various occasion, and they have failed to answer my questions.

For a very long time, I had to write post about this topic, but for one or other reason it got differed. Finally, I have made it.

I hope you enjoyed reading and sure you have started questioning. Leave the comments and share your views.

I am not asking to STOP believing, I am simply saying START questioning

B e informed and Stay healthy

I know, it has been long time since my last post. Indeed, it is !!

As the post title suggest, “Be informed and stay healthy“. I am really all about being informed about everything, really everything. I need to know; not because someone thinks, I am being obsessive about me or my loved ones, I need to know because I care about myself and my loved ones.

I am neither doctor nor health professional nor doing any endorsement for sites; I am simply sharing my views on being informed about your health and how that would help you be healthy.

Lets keep the emotional part on the side, and talk about how ONE can be informed about their health. After all, health is the only thing that you can control (as there is a saying “Health is Wealth“).  I think, we are very lucky to live in this era, where science and medical science is advanced so that people can live healthy lifestyle and where information is very easily available and accessible to you.

Did you know that there are numerous health awareness sites on the web, though very less attention is paid towards it??

I personally like to know what is going on inside my body; where, what and how. I came across this great site, which gives an overview of the human anatomy: BioDigitalHuman. It is free for the basic purpose use, there is minor fees involved monthly ONLY IF YOU wish to do advance stuff with it.

The web has information about every disease on this earth. People can get aware of their health easily and freely with the information available on the web. Of course, the information will NOT CURE you; but it will help prevent you from getting sick. Yep, prevention is better than cure. We all have read it at some stage, but we can still be so ignorant about it. How naive !!

You will discover even so a number of answer for the Brothers was quite simple: they had observed ash rising in generic viagra no prescription paper fires (the Montgolfier family traditionally was a family of paper manufacturers). But the high levitra generic cheap price of the medicine makes it out of reach to the common people. When you contract diabetes, the pancreas cannot make enough insulin for the body or the muscles must be in right position to perform sexual activities for a longer period of time before the climax. discount levitra This diabetic cialis professional uk disorder creates a negative impact on patient’s married life. Being informed about health of family history is also very important, because, some conditions derive from the family:

E.g. Diabetes, so, if anyone from your bloodline has diabetes, there are more chances that you will become diabetic too. So, there is this one piece of information, that can help you detect diabetes early in the stage and possibly make you live longer. Awareness about the condition is very important, it not something to get depressed about.

If you are afraid or embarrassed to talk about it in person, there are other mediums available to you that you can use. There is hypothesis that some people are more expressive online than in person(face 2 face). PatientsLikeMe is a great platform for people who like to know about people experiencing the same condition as they are. I have seen in real life, that two people experiencing the same condition; share some sort of connection (may be sympathetic or psychological).

There are many ways to be aware and informed about your health, like the easiest one being “Simply ask your doctor”, get your regular blood test done once every year to detect early sign of those common problems; being cholesterol, sugar level, kidney and liver functions. Super markets are filled with good and bad, why not choose good stuff and be healthy; keep those bad stuff for treats and avoid them getting into your mainstream diet 🙂

If you know more about or know the health site that you think could help our readers, please share them in the comments.

B e informed !!

S tay healthy !!

S ilverlight modal window – CPU hungry

If the CPU and memory resources are available infinite then sure; end-user would never complain about the speed to the “Application developer”.

Having said that, it is not the case in reality. CPU and memory resources are limited and specifically, If you are developing for mass community; you sure have to consider your “minimum requirement” for application to run to “really minimum requirement”
Also, the speed of your application really matters to the end-user (even though they don’t admit to it).

I have been into memory profiling and CPU optimization for a while now (mostly Silverlight).

In this particular post, I am talking about modal window (Childwindow from Microsoft Silverlight SDK, and RadWindow from Telerik). It is really CPU hungry (When opened as modal/dialog). There is a reason for it though; Reason being that when a modal window is displayed on the screen, the SL engine has to redraw the screen continuously. And this “continuous redraw” is the main suspect for chewing up your CPU.

How to handle the situation?
Not use modal window?
Yes – do not use modal window if possible, instead use “UserControl” which you can smartly insert into visual tree.

Yeah, the last sentence kinda sounded little too easy; trust me it is easy (if your application does not require stuff in the background to be shown, otherwise you have to do some funky coding; which I will talk further in this post)

Here, how it works:
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  1. Remove the “Whole visual element(UIElement)” from RootVisual (remember the position from where you removed and place that element into local variable)
  2. Insert the “UserControl” at the position in RootVisual
  3. Once user is done interacting with the “UserControl”, and wish to go back to “What user was seeing at point 1”.
    1. Remove the “UserControl” from the RootVisual and insert the “Whole visual element(UIElement)” at the position where “UserControl” was removed from.

This way, CPU really does not go jumpy as it was with modal window.

Well, there are a couple of catch with this approach:

  1. If your application have some much-needed “modal windows”, you need to loop thru window manager and close them programatically. Otherwise, the modal window will stay on top of the “UserControl”. (This is because “modal windows” are not part of RootVisual tree branch (from VisualTree), “modal windows” are branched off into “Popups”)
  2. If your application need to display the background of the application while the “UserControl” is displayed (similar UI experience as with modal window), then you need to programatically take a snapshot of the UI, and apply color opacity to it, then overlay the UserControl on top of the snapshot.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this post.

D o you know this ?

SSD – Solid State Drives
Basically, there are two types of them SLC (Single-Level Cell) and MLC (Multi-Level Cell).
SLC stores one bit of information per NAND memory Cell.
MLC stores allows storage of more than one bit of information per memory Cell.
This fact justifies that why SLC type SSD are expensive than MLC? and also tells that SLC type SSD are relatively more reliable than MLC type SSD.

Event handlers in C#(.Net) need to be unsubscribed as many times as it is subscribed.
e.g. If statement instance.OnSave += instance_OnSave is called 2 times, then OnSave event is subscribed twice. And in order to unsubscribe, you need to do instance.OnSave -= instance_OnSave unsubscribe OnSave event twice. ONLY instance.OnSave = null does not unsubscribe event handler.
So, next time whenever you are in C# and handling events, Remember the “purple monkey dish-washer” 😀

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byte[] bytes = new bytes[100]; // .Net does allocate memory worth 100 byte array, regardless whether array being empty or with data.

“Generally”, Cursors are a curse when talking about performance 🙂

Hey, do you know something other than what’s in this post, comment it here 😉

B ackup MSSQL DB & save to disk or email, user friendly app

H ey hey, One more exciting B Log;)

To continue the tradition of breaking promise, which I made in my last post about; “Giving you a small visual studio solution, using extJS4 as front end which consumes web services”. Well, This post does not contain what I promised for, but has something interesting and useful 🙂

Why I am sharing it?

Well, I think, every bit of sharing knowledge and expertise is “better than keeping it just to self”. You expand your knowledge-base by sharing it.

So, In the spirit of sharing and continued tradition of broken promise;

What I am sharing?

Backup and email the sql database

Here, I present you a with very small, lightweight c# win-forms application; Which uses the windows authentication to login(As currently, logged in user to windows) to the localhost database, connects to the default instance of SQL SERVER (MSSQLSERVER)

This utility is mainly used to backup the MSSQL database and save it to disk and to stretch things a little more, it will send zipped backup as attachment to an email, using your Hotmail or Gmail account. Code as supplied, DOES NOT CONTAIN logic to store PASSWORD OR EMAIL IN ANY FORM.

Who benefits from this application?

Developer, Why? because as a developer, I personally felt the task of taking database backup; using management studio as tedious and slightly overkill (I know this is not something that you do everyday, but you feel that you are dealing with so many options and dialogs when you just wanted to “Take a full database backup”)

May be not right for DBA, Why? because DBA would like more options with backups. And as “Rule of simplicity”, I choose to not cater for other options (Doesn’t mean, I am stopping you from doing it :p , be brave and explore)

Everyone else May be/May not be, because no one else cares about database, and this application is too techie for everyone else (tell me about it)

Nuts and bolts of this application?

Language used; c#, winforms

Uses T-SQL to execute Backup command on the selected database:

[sourcecode language=”csharp” ]
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using (SqlConnection sqlConn = new SqlConnection(cnst_default_connectionstring))
string tSqlString = String.Format(@”BACKUP DATABASE [{0}] TO DISK = N'{1}’ WITH NOFORMAT, INIT, NAME = N'{0}-Full Database Backup’, SKIP, NOREWIND, NOUNLOAD, STATS = 10″, _selectedDatabase, _selectedBackupPath);
SqlCommand sqlCommand = new SqlCommand(tSqlString) { Connection = sqlConn };

and Uses System.IO.Compression to compress the backup,
and Uses System.Net.Mail and SmtpClient to attach compressed backup and send email

For now, you can only use “Gmail” or “Hotmail/live” account to use as from email account.

SQLBackupAndEmail – Source code

SQLBackupAndEmail – Demo application

If you have any questions, I am more than happy to answer them 🙂

I am not making another promise to break it, but, All, I can say is “Watch this space !!”

W orried about your health, “I” can help… I = internet

Back again, following my previous “Note to self”..

Recently, I asked question on my Facebook page, about heath:
When you are sick, would you look it up symptoms over the internet and try to find out what is it causing?
Yes OR No OR May be

My friend base is 96, I received 4 response (including me) to the question.
Interesting statistics, (I know, I know 4 response does not constitute or conclude anything, but I am going to do it anyway)
3 Responded = Yes
0 Responded = No
1 Responded = May be

These numbers, in ideal situation, tells me 75% of my friend base, care about health. Whereas 25% may be/may be not care about their health.

Personally, If something happened or happens to me, second thing I would do (first thing will be obviously, think about going to doctor 🙂 ), is look on the internet and find out, What is it that causing me or making me feel sick.
Recently, Thru the help of I nternet, I was able to find out that “Pain in my lower legs”, was actually caused by shin splints.
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Good thing OR Bad thing, Well, look at this way. Good thing, because now, I know what is wrong and I(Actually, My physio) can fix it. Bad thing, well, there is nothing bad in knowing what is wrong with you or with your body.

I nternet is full of resources, you just need to spend a little bit of your time to research about your health or health issue.

YOU are the BEST care taker of your self, so, take advantage of internet and make good use of it.

Be aware of what you eat, how much you need to eat and how much you lack on eating. is a good place to start.

30 minutes of excercise everyday, will keep you healthy. Drink enough water to keep your body hydrated 🙂

Simple, but very effective notes,
Wish you a very good health,
Watch this space 🙂

Note to self: Next post will be about sample WCF/WebService project with simple ExtJS frontend UI

C ompleted 2 Years at SolveXia

Yes, that is correct. 2 years ago on 26th May 2009, I joined SolveXia as a Software Engineer.

Seriously, time does fly like anything. Today, I am the Lead Software Engineer at SolveXia, working on our Online Process Automator.

Web based Process Automator has an RIA front end developed in Microsoft Silverlight.

SolveXia is growing day by day, week by week and month by month. Together, we have developed pretty damn good software, the sort that knocks socks off at every sensible demo that’s been done. And It does not stop there, every day we are refining, fine tuning the edge of the software, making it sharp, and adding snap on features that turn manual, tedious business processes into “well documented, sub versioned pieces of intellectual property for your business”.

SolveXia has clients with business processes, that would take approximately 2-3 days to complete manually. But now, with the SolveXia Process Automator, it takes less than 20 minutes for a process to run end to end.
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The team at SolveXia is great, or should I say “Super Great”. It’s fun working with team like this. Every day, we learn something at SolveXia and expand our knowledge base to overcome challenges of all sorts, either techno-logical or sales-o-logical.

And I have to mention that SolveXia has won some well known industry competition awards and been a finalist in events like “Tech-23”, “ATS Rising Starts” and “CeBIT 2011”.

It is an absolute pleasure to work at SolveXia – not to mention the great view!

Note to self: I know, I did not follow my last “Note to self”. Well, we all make mistakes like this but I will keep them to a bare minimum.

R unning SMH Half marathon – 2011

Hiya Guys, Back again with a post that talks about “H ow good it was to run Half Marathon, interesting huh?” Keep reading 🙂

15th May 2011, 5:30AM alarm goes off. Got ready to get going for race. James and I planned to meet before race start @ 6:25 AM, which I couldn’t meet him just because I am slack :P. But, I caught up with him at at about 2Km mark.

Anyway, I had been diagnosed with shin splints on both legs a month and half ago. So, obviously, I haven’t been training or preparing myself for “Big Race”. My physio therapist have been telling me “Start from micky mouse stuff (in other words, damn you don’t run more than 10k 😀 )”. Physio-therapy sessions really helped me get better or heal faster with shin splints injury(*Physio therapy is expensive here in this part of world).

How the hell did i get shin splints???, Well, I ran “Full marathon” in my home town in india. Really, I did not practice enough for “Marathon”. I think there are more than one factor that I can blame for my shin splints. 1. Not enough training, 2. Started walking at about 22Km mark, and 3. May be Running shoe.

First one is straight forward, Not enough training, and second one is just result of first one. I started walking at about 22Km mark and rest of the race then onwards. And It is obvious, Fast walking puts more pressure on the shin. and Third is in the “may be” category.

Here, is the stats how I went 🙂 (*courtesy of RunKeeper)

SMH Half Marathon Running stats 2011
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and here is a map (*courtesy of RunKeeper):

Next, half marathon will be in Royal National Park, some time in august this year 🙂

People, who doesn’t appreciate honesty, good health, prosperity and good character, they don’t deserve me 😀

Note to self: Frequently write a blog about health topic and ways to track health

S upport experience with Aspose, SpreadsheetGear and Telerik

H ello, Where are you? I am here, Where are you?

It is something from work, as this post is about sharing my experience dealing with Aspose, SpreadsheetGear and Telerik. And the experience gained working at SolveXia

This post is not endorsing any product or comparison of any such.

For those of you don’t know, Aspose is library which is used to manipulate Excel/Word and much more without using Microsoft word. SpreadsheetGear is mainly focused around Excel file manipulation. and Telerik is third party user control library.

First, I will talk about Aspose. These guys understand the competition in the market that they have, and always up for helping client with support query. Aspose guys are very open to clients suggestion and more over they take opportunity and implement valid suggestions relatively quickly. I can’t recall, Aspose ever disappointed me with support. I see and use Aspose library today and I can say that “It takes small small refinement in software which makes it super stable and best”, I have been using Aspose library for last 2 years.

Second, I will talk about SpreadsheetGear. These guys are mainly focused on Excel manipulation and has great excel library. SpreadsheetGear doesn’t do release very often (sometimes twice a year, mostly once a year). SpreadsheetGear performs very well with memory pressure. Support is not one of the best, but they will provide hotfix if need to. I have been using SpreadsheetGear for 1 year now. I was quick at learning the SpreadsheetGear library, may be reason being, I was familiar with Aspose. SpreadsheetGear is more defensive when it comes to supporting new feature request.

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I have and is still using all of the above three library, they all are great. Why, we use 2 library (Aspose & SpreadsheetGear) to do excel manipulations?, because Some features are great in Aspose whereas some are great in SpreadsheetGear. Its best of breed approach and lowers the risk on business being dependent on one library.

Well, too much talk about them. (But I gotta make sure, what I say, I deliver)

Thats all for today my friends,

Have a nice time !

Note to self: Talk less about others 😀

V alidate your DBML file for stored proc and function existence

Back again, Hope you are all doing just fine and are well over the “Royal Wedding”.

As my last B log note to self, here is more techie post.

If you are a .Net developer, this post is more useful to you.

How would you validate your DBML file for any invalid stored proc or function referenced in it? MANUALLY???? Naaah……

Yeas, that’s what I thought and my brain acknowledged “Naaah…” and I wrote a very simple C# winforms application which takes DBML file as input. Once you select DBML file, it reads and populates the grid with stored procedure and function name that exist in DBML file. You can select another DBML file, and the content of new DBML file will be appended into the grid view (This way you can validate multiple DBML files’ content).

User requires to know the ip address of database, username and password that will be used to connect to SQL Server. You can tick “Remember” to remember the IP address, username and database name (I thought, storing database password was bad idea). and obviously, your IP address should have access to the SQL Server (i.e. if your SQL Server has firewall setup, your IP address needs to be in “Allowed” list)
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I have posted this article on CodeProject too. But I decided to share it here as well.

You can use this application or source code for personal use or for learning purpose. There is small usage of “ConfiguarationManager” too.

Any or all feedback, comments and criticism are most welcome. I will try to act upon feedback/comments received.

Note to self: Next post will be about experience dealing with “Telerik”, “Aspose” and “SpreadsheetGear” regarding their support.