R unning SMH Half marathon – 2011

Hiya Guys, Back again with a post that talks about “H ow good it was to run Half Marathon, interesting huh?” Keep reading πŸ™‚

15th May 2011, 5:30AM alarm goes off. Got ready to get going for race. James and I planned to meet before race start @ 6:25 AM, which I couldn’t meet him just because I am slack :P. But, I caught up with him at at about 2Km mark.

Anyway, I had been diagnosed with shin splints on both legs a month and half ago. So, obviously, I haven’t been training or preparing myself for “Big Race”. My physio therapist have been telling me “Start from micky mouse stuff (in other words, damn you don’t run more than 10k πŸ˜€ )”. Physio-therapy sessions really helped me get better or heal faster with shin splints injury(*Physio therapy is expensive here in this part of world).

How the hell did i get shin splints???, Well, I ran “Full marathon” in my home town in india. Really, I did not practice enough for “Marathon”. I think there are more than one factor that I can blame for my shin splints. 1. Not enough training, 2. Started walking at about 22Km mark, and 3. May be Running shoe.

First one is straight forward, Not enough training, and second one is just result of first one. I started walking at about 22Km mark and rest of the race then onwards. And It is obvious, Fast walking puts more pressure on the shin. and Third is in the “may be” category.

Here, is the stats how I went πŸ™‚ (*courtesy of RunKeeper)

SMH Half Marathon Running stats 2011
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and here is a map (*courtesy of RunKeeper):

Next, half marathon will be in Royal National Park, some time in august this year πŸ™‚

People, who doesn’t appreciate honesty, good health, prosperity and good character, they don’t deserve me πŸ˜€

Note to self: Frequently write a blog about health topic and ways to track health