C ompleted 2 Years at SolveXia

Yes, that is correct. 2 years ago on 26th May 2009, I joined SolveXia as a Software Engineer.

Seriously, time does fly like anything. Today, I am the Lead Software Engineer at SolveXia, working on our Online Process Automator.

Web based Process Automator has an RIA front end developed in Microsoft Silverlight.

SolveXia is growing day by day, week by week and month by month. Together, we have developed pretty damn good software, the sort that knocks socks off at every sensible demo that’s been done. And It does not stop there, every day we are refining, fine tuning the edge of the software, making it sharp, and adding snap on features that turn manual, tedious business processes into “well documented, sub versioned pieces of intellectual property for your business”.

SolveXia has clients with business processes, that would take approximately 2-3 days to complete manually. But now, with the SolveXia Process Automator, it takes less than 20 minutes for a process to run end to end.
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The team at SolveXia is great, or should I say “Super Great”. It’s fun working with team like this. Every day, we learn something at SolveXia and expand our knowledge base to overcome challenges of all sorts, either techno-logical or sales-o-logical.

And I have to mention that SolveXia has won some well known industry competition awards and been a finalist in events like “Tech-23”, “ATS Rising Starts” and “CeBIT 2011”.

It is an absolute pleasure to work at SolveXia – not to mention the great view!

Note to self: I know, I did not follow my last “Note to self”. Well, we all make mistakes like this but I will keep them to a bare minimum.

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