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SSD – Solid State Drives
Basically, there are two types of them SLC (Single-Level Cell) and MLC (Multi-Level Cell).
SLC stores one bit of information per NAND memory Cell.
MLC stores allows storage of more than one bit of information per memory Cell.
This fact justifies that why SLC type SSD are expensive than MLC? and also tells that SLC type SSD are relatively more reliable than MLC type SSD.

Event handlers in C#(.Net) need to be unsubscribed as many times as it is subscribed.
e.g. If statement instance.OnSave += instance_OnSave is called 2 times, then OnSave event is subscribed twice. And in order to unsubscribe, you need to do instance.OnSave -= instance_OnSave unsubscribe OnSave event twice. ONLY instance.OnSave = null does not unsubscribe event handler.
So, next time whenever you are in C# and handling events, Remember the “purple monkey dish-washer” πŸ˜€

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byte[] bytes = new bytes[100]; // .Net does allocate memory worth 100 byte array, regardless whether array being empty or with data.

“Generally”, Cursors are a curse when talking about performance πŸ™‚

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